Price $880

Medium Brown
DOB: 06/05/2018
IAR: 231611

This young pretty female is well grown, healthy and due to be shorn end of September. She is up tod ate with all vaccinations and will be halter trained before going to her new home. She is friendly and inquisitive, will make a great pet or can be bred from as she matures.


Price $880

Medium Fawn
DOB: 31/12/2016
IAR: 221571

This young pretty female was a bottle fed baby so she is very friendly. She is a  compact female who is ready to be mated if you wish to breed. She is healthy and due to be shorn and vaccinated at end of September. Harl-oh is  halter trained has a lovely long soft handling fleece, will make a great pet or be part of a breeding program.


Perfect Pets

We have a selection of young wethered males that will make perfect pets ready to go to new homes. Ages vary from 6 – 12 months and are currently undergoing halter training. These boys make fabulous pets or lawnmowers with a difference. At 18 months to 2 years they become more effective as guards to your chooks and lambs. These boys are gorgeous and super friendly and inquisitive. These young friendly boys are $440 ea or a pair for $800 The boy in the photo is currently available.


Price $550

DOB: 01/01/2005
IAR: 90438
Colour: Solid White

Olivia has been sold but please call or message as I may have others similar to this available later in 2018

Herd Guards

Price: $440 each
$800 a pair

Ready to guard your lambs and chooks or mow your lawns. Most are halter trained. They all have lovely natures.

The L Girls :)

Price: $770 each

Black Pregnant Females
DB: 8 & 9 Year old
Due: 2019

We currently have a couple (only two left) of black girls that have been Mated to Suncloud Triton our resident champion male that we are releasing for sale. These girls are confirmed pregnant and have given birth successfully for us previously. These girls are bucket trained, shorn, vaccinated and in excellent health.