Flower Girl

White Female
DOB: 22/11/2011
IAR: 177687

This 5 year old female has been running with male. Make a great pet, lawnmower or great guard for your chooks and duck

Herd Guards

Price: $440 each
$800 a pair

Ready to guard your lambs and chooks or mow your lawns. Most are halter trained. They all have lovely natures.

Mum & Cria

White Female with Cria
Mum: 15 Years Old
Cria: 4 Months Old

This gorgeous 4 month old white female is for sale with her mum who has been remated. This 3 in 1 package represents excellent value. Mum Alice is a pregnant female at almost 15 years of age, in excellent condition and a proven mother who gives birth easily. Alice comes with a pregnancy guarantee.


Price: $990

White Female
IAR: 90450
DOB: 14/03/2005

Starburst is a nice quiet girl and experienced mother. Starburst will make a fabulous pet or guard for your lambs and chooks. A mating to the male of your choice is included. 


Wethered Males

We have a selection of young white wethered males ready to go to new homes. Ages vary from 6 – 12 months and are currently undergoing halter training. These boys make fabulous pets or lawnmowers with a difference. At 18 months to 2 years they become more effective as guards to your chooks and lambs.


Price: $1100

Bay Black Female
DoB: 19/11/2008
Due: October 2017

Bay Black 8 year old pregnant female. Lakeisha is a great mum who births easily. Lakeisha is definitely a character who can smell an open gate, or the lid off the feed bin. She will be a much loved pet, or an asset to a coloured breeding program. Mated to Suncloud Triton she is due October 201